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Status Under review
Created by Alexander Wade
Created on Feb 22, 2022

LOB Analytics-include more rows per page, allow for longer heights, and give option for breakdowns in trend widget

It would be useful is for the new LOB Analytics if we could make a table widget include more results per page and make widgets height more than 4.

For example if we want to make a total leaderboard of a team of 48 people, the current option would only let us see 13 a time and to need to click on next pages to see other people. Should be an option to make the pages as long as needed and then make the widgets any height to fit that need.

For the trend widget, it would be useful to be able to be able to break down metrics by user dimensions.

For example if we wanted to see a timeline trend comparing the total calls of 2 (or more) different departments or groups, the current trend feature would not allow us to do that.