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Status Under review
Created by Rodolfo Sasabo
Created on Feb 23, 2022

Allow Deletion Of Users Chat/Message History at Once. So the extension will be empty and ready to be used by a new user/employee


We would like to be able to Delete all Of Users Chat/Message History at Once, so that we can use the extension for the new employee.

This could help so that users settings would be followed by the new user and extension would be kept on the same call queues and forwarding. We do not want to manually delete the user and create a new one.

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Feb 28, 2022

    Depending on the type of company, line of business - there may be rules/regulations as to the retention of chats/calls/etc. (Medical/Legal)

    If this goes forward to the developers, please do not make it a blanket delete for this reason.

    I for one would like the ability to move the terminated staff to a 'limbo' that has no license assigned to it - so the license can be used elsewhere - just held in place until it can be offloaded.