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Created by Accounts Receivable
Created on Feb 24, 2022

Company Directory accessible on physical phones

This would benefit not only the company but the person administering the phones. On a Cisco phone (88XX) there currently are two address books, a system address book which is not functional and a personal address book which is unique to each phone. In order to have a "company" list, we currently have to utilize the personal address book and manually enter each entry into each phone. If anything changes(additions, changes, deletions), we have to manually change it in each phone. This can be very time-consuming to manage but at present is the only way to get a company directory on the phones.

The preferred mechanism would be to have a company directory that is accessible by all phones but only has to be updated at one location and which also updates based upon changes to the phone system.

I understand the desire of others to have a customizable company list with internal and external contacts but at this point I would be happy to have a list of all of the extensions in our segment of the system with name and extension to make calling and transferring calls easier. At this point we are planning to use a single electronic file and paper phone list which makes no sense in this day and age rather than deal with the hassle of personal address book management.

If there is already a way to do this with our existing phones please share the knowledge with myself and others as the support team has indicated that there is no mechanism for a company directory on the physical phones that is managed out of one location.


Contacts accessible from Desk Phone

We add contacts to the app but aren't able to access them with the physical desk phone. You can only access the Company Directory which only consists of RCO users.
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