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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Paul Blank
Created on Feb 26, 2022

Holiday/Night Button

Why is a holiday/night "button" not available in the RingCentral universe? This has been a feature of traditional PBXs for DECADES. There needs to be a way that Holiday/Office Closed greeting and menus are simply activated, and a selection of several menus should be available. Not all businesses have regular hours, and circumstances sometimes dictate that the office is closed. Snowstorm? Fire across the street? My client's 20+ year old Toshiba PBX had a simple way to do this. Last person out would activate it OR it could be activated remotely through the voice menus.

  • Tabitha Williams
    Apr 25, 2022

    Call Forwarding should not be associated with business hours entirely. Our after hours answering services has a committment that isn't neccesarly based on Business Hours. It would be nice to have a "Call Forward" toggle button that can isntantly be utlized in cases where we might have a staff meeting or some other reason that warrants call forwarding within business hours.