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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Chris Arroyo Jr.
Created on Feb 28, 2022

Allow Desk phone to still answer calls regardless of call queue setting in app

We have a small business where all employees are in one small office. When a technichian is out in the field, they do not want to answer call queue calls. However, we still want to be able to answer their deskphone as a part of the call queue. We want the deskphone to ring for all queue calls, and the mobile app to ring for direct calls only.

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Feb 28, 2022

    This can be done in a few ways.

    For the desk phone vs mobile - increase the time/number of rings before sending to the next device. Or, allow the tech to take themselves out of the queue when away from the desk.

    As to answering the calls at/from other desks - use the Presence/Allow calls to be picked-up by... option. (this might be your answer) It's under the User/Phones & Numbers/Presence. Also note the second tab - Permissions.

    I have an office of techs, and have them on my hud/phone (a VVX410) so that when they are away and a call comes in - I can hit their line and answer it (as well as see it flashing)

    This make sense? Let me know if you need the RC steps.