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Status Under review
Created by Kyle Flack
Created on Mar 2, 2022

Is there a way to make the Task Reply section in a Task Viewer larger?

So my company uses Tasks in various Teams to keep track of work that needs to be done. When selecting a specific Task, the most important information is usually in the Task Replies, but the replies are all shown on the right side of the screen with only like 35 characters to a line.

When these task replies are anything but very short blurbs (as they often are in our workflow), it becomes difficult to try to read them in this menu and I have to resort to looking at the Team view that will contain every reply to every task in the team in addition to the one task I care to look at.

I was hoping that extending the window would expand this Task Replies section, but it only extends the Description section. Similarly I expected that vertical line separating the description and replies would be able to be click-dragged to extend the replies section, but that is not a feature either.

Below is a link to an image to try to visually demonstrate what I'm looking for:

I'm using Version: Web, Windows


Bigger sub-windows when creating Tasks

While creating a new task you are only able to see one line of text for the description. It's very inconvenient.
Benjamin Pina over 1 year ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Under review