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Status Under review
Created by Jim Spangler
Created on Mar 2, 2022

Allow text messages with email address under new SMS policy

I am no longer able to include my personal business email address in text messages (they are not sent). Apparently this is due to a new policy that does not permit sms messages to be used to send links to lead generating websites. But the only "lead generation" on my website is a "contact us" page with a fillable form and a link to a hubspot scheduler to schedule a consultation.

Now, when I tell somebody to email me documents, any message with my email address ( will not be sent.

I'm not sending them a link to my webpage (which is perfectly fine, not sketchy, and has no types of lead generation that haven't been in use since 1995). Yet, I can no longer text messages to clients with my email address.

That's a big problem.

  • Karla Gerst
    Oct 28, 2022

    I don't see another space to add my particular use case, so I'm commenting here.

    I administer benefits for our company. We have a lot of employees who do not have access to company email. Texting is a very effective way to reach them. It's one of my favorite Ring Central features.

    I use texting to communicate with employees that are otherwise difficult to reach or may be on a leave of absence. It's a significant hindrance that I can't provide links for employees to access our insurance carriers' emails and websites. Among other reasons, I send these out to help support employees with their insurance claims.

    Thanks for considering reinstating this feature.