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HUD pop out window on RingCentral app

It's great that the HUD was added to the RingCentral desktop app however, the only thing for us that it seems to be lacking is the ability to adjust the layout of the pop out window for the HUD. We still use the RingCentral Phone app because the pop out HUD view allows me to customize my HUD window more than the HUD in the RC app. In the RC app I can't get everyone to appear on the same size window like I had with the RC Phone app. Please see attached screenshots

  • Danielle Howes
  • Mar 8 2022
  • Under review
  • Manfred Horsch commented
    27 Apr 03:55pm

    It would also be very good if the HUD pop out could be pinned permanently to one side of the screen. Other windows like Word should automatically arrange themselves next to it (not put over it).

  • Borko Gavrilovic commented
    21 Apr 04:51pm

    It would be a great thing if HUD list could be split into 2 or 3 columns maybe. User with more extensions must scroll up and down. Would be great if column widths could be resized. I think this is simple task for programmers and users would apreciate it a lot.

    Thank you,


  • Kevin Kraft commented
    12 Apr 04:01pm

    Our receptionist utilizes the HUD extensively in her daily workflow and it would be extremely disruptive if she had to begin utilizing the MVP app's HUD in its current state.

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