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Created by Will Snyder
Created on Mar 10, 2022

RingCentral and InContact do not share data - InContact (PC) and RingCentral do not share data

While using PC in InContact we have had instances where the RingCentral App drops the connection (Red X in the Connection) drop the PC does not know the agent is not online or does not have a connection and keeps feeding calls to the agent. The caller hears static and the agent see quick dispositioning.

  • Will Snyder
    May 9, 2022

    The chrome ext did not fix this.

  • Will Snyder
    Mar 22, 2022

    We tried it and had a similar behavior. And using a third party app to avoid better data sharing is not a "good" customer experience. I expect you to share data with InContact because I PAY for a single user experience. If I wanted google or someone else involved I'd contract with them. I need RING to own the User experience and make this product work.

  • Admin
    Kurt Hoskovec
    Mar 18, 2022

    Will, this looks like RingCentral Case 14524243. That notes in the case indicate that Support recommended downloading the RC Contact Center Voice Chrome Extension for their calls. The extension will automatically connect/disconnect the agent leg when CC calls are delivered to Max. Thus, preventing new calls from connecting to an agents softphone when it has temporarily lost connection. Using the Chrome Extension should provide the communication between the Contact Center service and the MVP Office service that you are requesting.
    Have you used the Chrome Extension and has it solved the issue?