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Status Will not implement
Created by Will Snyder
Created on Mar 10, 2022

Call recording data is IMPOSSIBLE to match between InContact or RingCentral App and our storage

The naming convention between RingCentral app recordings, Archiver, and the files I receive cannot be matched. This will be the fundamental reason we leave RingCentral because recordings are mandatory in our business

  • Kurt Hoskovec
    Mar 18, 2022

    I'm sorry to hear that is frustrating for you Will. The Contact Center service and the MVP Office service do name files in different ways. There are options for saving contact center files which may offer you the flexibility you are looking for in a naming convention for contact center files. If you have not already talked to your TAM or CSM about it, please consider doing so. The may have a solution for you.
    Since the recordings are done for different user types, (contact center agents or office users), storage methods and naming will be different. Other than the things that can be done in the different storage methods (long term contact center or archiver) and the things that can be done using Studio, I don't see that changing.