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Status Under review
Created by Julius Flores
Created on Mar 18, 2022

Search Bar to change a Caller ID when doing outbound when have multiple number

One of our agent will going to call out to let say Texas, But I dont want to show my number on the caller ID, Instead I want them to see a Texas number as the caller ID. So i have to search those numbers for Texas number and its too long to scroll on those list. What we are trying to ask now is there any way to search that list faster, or any way to quickly change the number for the caller ID

  • Jeffrey Sieber
    Sep 1, 2023

    Couldn’t agree more. I hear this request a lot. After about 15-20 numbers people get frustrated.

  • Ben (Admin) Tran
    May 7, 2023

    Definately need a search. many pf our users are on multiple call Queue. Being able to quickly search / narrow down a caller ID (by name) is needed to ensure less chance of presenting the wrong caller ID.