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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Dave Mathias
Created on Mar 21, 2022

Add RingCentral phone link handler to browsers on install

When I click a web link, RingCentral isn't on the list of available phone apps by default in Chrome, Edge, IE. Firefox allows you to pick a program from Windows file explorer, but the other 3 don't, they just provide a static list.

RC should ask to be set as the default phone link handler and update whatever registry value necessary, or at the least it should add itself to the potential program list to handle

  • Dave DeWeese
    Apr 14, 2022


    I would concur with your decision, that it should set the Tel and callto protocols by default upon installation, but you can set this in a matter of 30 seconds in win10.

    In the RC APP: - Settings -> Phone -> Halfway or 2/3 down toggle on "Click to Dial/fax"

    Then go to Windows Start menu and type in Protocol and select "choose a default app for each protocol" and then navigate to TEL and CALLTO: and set them to RC as the default - you should then be able to click a number and RC should open the dialer and commence.

    Hope this helps!

    Dave D