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Status Under review
Created by Chris Redmond Ext 1147
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Call Queue & Ring Group ring order

It would be beneficial to expand on options for incoming calls to Call Queues and Ring Groups. Having the ability to choose between simultaneous and fixed orders are good. But could we get options for circular? This would be where if Person 1 and Person 2 do not answer, then Person 3 does, then the next call, would start with Person 3, then Person, 4, Person 1, Person 2. This would be helpful for queues/groups that require quick answering.

Having an option for Uniform would be helpful as well. If Person 2 answers the call, then they should automatically be on the bottom of the list for the next call. Then if Person 4 answers next, they go to the bottom. The lines that are the longest idle, ring first.