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Status Under review
Created by Doug Stevens
Created on Mar 28, 2022

Allow RC App and EngageVoice/Integrations to communicate w/ each other.

Description: Our sales team is frequently on the road as part of the nature of their job. With that, they also desire to have a personal relationship with the customers that they interact with. In order to accomplish this, they provide their direct line to the contacts at each of their assigned accounts

When utilizing EngageVoice on Salesforce, it was desired to have a place when non-contact users would call in to our Main Number, and be routed to a general queue which has all Sales Reps in it. If the user that called in is listed on the account, it will route to the Sales Rep that is assigned to the account. This is how the Salesforce EV integration is designed to work.

However, since our Sales Reps give out their direct lines, and are on the road a lot, they have to utilize RingCentral Office Desktop App, or the Cellphone App in order to be available for their customers. EngageVoice currently does not have a desktop app or for the cell.

The problem we run into, is that when a Sales Rep is trying to be available for misrouted calls, or for the General Queue, that the EngageVoice Web App/Salesforce do not properly communicate Call State, or Statuses of the users between the apps. Many times, Reps will be on a call with a customer on RingCentral Office Desktop App, and a call will come in on Salesforce EV integration. The two apps do not communicate to each other that the Rep is currently on a call.

At times, they have to answer both platforms to get a call.. When they end the call, the one app will not properly tell the other that they call is ended, and our Sales Reps will be stuck in either Pending Disposition, or RNA State without them knowing. The Salesforce App shows them as available, but since the call hit RCO App, it didn't know to update the status.

We would, in a real world usage request that these apps either communicate to each other, or that there's a stand-alone application for EngageVoice that will allow our Sales Reps use this while on the Road. In both circumstances, the apps/products need to be able to properly update call status or a basic type of user status, so they do not get stuck in Pending Disposition or RNA states.