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Status Under review
Created by Joshua Morris
Created on Mar 30, 2022

Allow Reincubate Camo integration in RingCentral App.

Reincubate Camo is a 3rd party camera app that allows you to use your phone's camera as the web cam. RingCentral Meetings allowed the integration, but the new RingCentral App does not.

Your phone's camera is a much better camera than most built in webcams. And Reincubate Camo allows the phone to do all the video processing so your computer does not need to use additional resources to process.

Below is a link from Reincubate showing what needs to be allowed in the RingCentral App for this integration to work.

  • Andrew Chang
    May 7, 2022

    Fortunately, this is not necessary anymore thanks to this development:

  • Andrew Chang
    Apr 18, 2022

    As Joshua has mentioned, this feature was available in the RingCentral Meetings app, but now not in the RingCentral. Further, all major competitors support this feature.