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Status Will not implement
Created by Will Snyder
Created on Mar 31, 2022

Contact History report Start Time is an unknown Timezone

Start Time:

3/29/2022 17:54

Why can't all time columns show the timezone or be the same across all platforms. Seriously this is a joke. It is UTC is it MT is it ET.....

  • Kurt Hoskovec
    Apr 25, 2022

    The time zone for the Contact History Report is the users time zone.

    For more information, see the following section of the Support article in the link listed below.

    Time Zone Effects on Reports

    Depending on the time zone determined in the business unit (BU), the setting may affect the time displayed for various reports. The below items explain important correlations between types of reports and time zone settings:

    Agent/Contact Reports (such as Active Agents, Campaign Summary, or Contact History)

    • Billing Reports always, regardless of BU time zone, display in Mountain Time

    • All other agent/contact reports display in the user's time zone