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Status Under review
Created by Kyle Burgess
Created on Mar 31, 2022

Call Park Notification Control in the RingCentral Desktop App

We need the ability to control the notification sound you get in the RingCentral app when a call gets parked. Currently, we have no control over it as it is tied to the "Direct messages" notification setting. If you change the Direct message notification sound, the parked call sound also switches over to that sound. It is very annoying as it makes you think you are getting a direct message every time a call gets parked. Ultimately, I would like to be able to disable the parked call notification all together. So if we had the choice to both change the sound or disable it, that would be a perfect solution.

  • Melissa Burkholder
    Mar 31, 2022

    YES! To be able to either change the notification sound and disable it would be great! Not everyone needs to be notified that a call is parked and if you delete the park location from the app, it deletes from your desktop phone as well and we do not want that!