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Status Under review
Created by Nick Dolan
Created on Apr 1, 2022

Improve sharing of real-time analytic dashboards

Currently real-time analytic dashboards can only be shared by admins within a parent object. Children of one parent can not share outside the parent. There is no way currently to move admins within the system also.

As an organization grows and changes those in leadership and those who are below them change and there is no way currently for the system to change with them besides deleting everything in the structure and doing it again or just having no structure and all admins in the root.

The two ideas I have to improve this are as followed:

1) Have a url sharing option for the dashboard. Currently this functionality is available for the historic dashboards and would be great to have for real-time dashboards.

2) The ability to move admins within the structure. If someone leaves the company who created many admins with their account why should those admins be stuck forever under that parent object unless they recreate their account and redo the work they have done.