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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Steve Ochs
Created on Apr 7, 2022

Text-to-email, and voicemail transcriptions to email font point size is WAY TOO SMALL.

When iPhone OS and Android OS inbound RingCentral text messages, and RingCentral voice mail messages are transcribed to text, and subsequently emailed to the RingCentral user’s email client, the message font in the email client is so small it is unreadable. RingCentral must give the user the ability to upsize/upscale or increase the size of the default font that is transmitted to the user email client. This issue repeats on Outlook Android, Samsung Mail, iPhone Mail, Outlook for iPhone, etc. This feature, in its current state, is unusable on mobile phones and potentially dangerous especially if RingCentral customers attempt to read the emails from RingCentral while operating a moving vehicle.