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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 13, 2020

Phasing phone application work around


  • One Glip app with both the individual intraoffice extention and the shared extension. My concern is that using the same Glip app for both the shared ext and individual ext would be ineffecting and very inconvenient). Secretaries are required to multitask, to be able to immediately reply to the doctor and the patient simultaneously. Separate applications allow us to do so. Also, when there is an issue/glitch in the Glip app, it affect our ability to communicate with our patients. That would be unacceptable with an office of 400 patients.

  • Create a website that will allow us to log into the shared patient only extension to view/reply to text messages. However, having to constantly log in due to inactivity (timed out) will be time consuming. There has also been times that the RingCentral website, used to retrieve voicemail messages, goes down and does not allow us to log in.

  • Have separate Glip applications, one for intraoffice use and one for patient communication - however, this would defeat the purpose of merging all features into one application. If there is not back up and Glip app goes down, the office will be unable to function and again, that is unacceptable. Whenver Glip has any glitches, the office is at least able to communicate via the phone app or personal phone.

  • Do not phase out the phone application (preferred choice for us as we can keep the app open on the desktop and see incoming messages immediately, allowing us to be fully efficient). Consider that the phone application is a great back up to when the Glip app experiences technical difficulties. The work flow and the intraoffice communcation, would not affected. The office would be able to continue interacting with the patients and the staff can communicate through the phone app via text.

We are a doctor's office with 400 patients and use Glip, and most importantly the Phone application, we have these applications on the desktop separately. We currently only use Glip for intraoffice communications. The RingCentral phone application is only used to communicate with our patients. We use the phone app to confirm appointments, schedule appointments, and take care of any other concerns. Secretaries share the phone application extension and are able to view all the incoming messages immediately and simultaneously.

I understand that the phone app will be phased out next year, however, we need to find a solution that will enhance our experience without hampering our workflow, efficacy and immedicate response time. We need to be able to keep our own extensions for Glip and the shared extension to communicate with our patients. Obviously, these extensionns need to be kept separate.

The doctor and staff only communicate with each other via Glip. Since the phone app, which uses shared extension, allows both secretaries the ability to multitask. We can reply to the doctor's and staff requests via Glip immediately and at the same time also view incoming patient text messages.

We know that Glip includes a phone/text/video and fax feature, however, since it has an individual extension, the shared extention will most likely not be available. Hence, the texting part of the communication with our clients will suffer.

We cannot be using 1 application for both intraoffice and patient communication (shared for patient communication). Our office requires separate applications in order to simultaneously be able to communicate with the staff via Glip and the shared extension for patient communication only.

The current system, with separate applications, allow us to keep the phone app and Glip app open on the desktop. We cannot be using 1 Glip application with the possibly added shared patient extension. It would be inconvenient and inefficient, as going back and forth would make it very difficult to keep up with the fast pace that is required, and cause us to be backlogged.

The danger of trusting one application that includes the most basic and important features of a business (phone, video, fax, text and intraoffice communications), is that chances are that at some point the one and only app will malfunction. Then what? PLEASE KEEP THE PHONE APPLICATION SEPARATE, it's a great back up.

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