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Status Future consideration
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Jason Buswell
Created on Apr 8, 2022
Merged idea

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System Wide Directory list. This isn't a new idea. It seems Ring Central designed a phone system without having a way to add system wide speed dials into the system???? Merged

Admin have a constant need to add speed dials to their corporate directory so that their users can easily access a list on their phones and select the speed dial for an outside number. I am not talking about adding a speed dial to a key on the phone that they can press, I am talking about the built in corporate directory list that is accessed by hitting the directory soft key. This has been on phone systems for decades and should be on Ring Central by default. Obviously there are way's around it to get speed dials in the directory, like adding a free video pro user for every outside number you want to add, however this is extremely cumbersome and time consuming.