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Created by Jennie Williams
Created on Apr 8, 2022

"floating window" for text messages in the ring app

Oh my god! You are killing my productivity with this aggravation! I am unable to keep the message window open in a "float" over other windows so that the messages stay open and visible. It closes every time I move away from the window to do something else!

This means that when I am working on the phone and frequently getting messages from my supervisor, every time he sends a new message (often a single line of text) I am getting that loud ring (the volume of which I also need to be able to adjust) and I have to RE-open the window to see the message. This requires that I listen to my customer, find myself distracted by the ring and now having to try and multi-task with opening a closed window, read a single line of text, remember what my customer said and continue doing this up to 15 times in less than 90 seconds depending on how fast my text messages are coming in. THIS IS NOT OKAY AND IT IS KILLING MY PRODUCTIVITY BECAUSE IT IS CAUSING UNNECESSARY DISTRACTION AND LABOR THAT INTERRUPTS MY CONCENTRATION ON MY CUSTOMER - because who is going to constantly ignore the "ring, ring, ring, ring, ring" every 4 seconds that is going on in the background when you know it is someone trying to send you an important piece of info?

When all I need is to be able to keep the window open and watch the messages in a scrolling fashion without having to continually re-open this window while trying to work on the computer and take calls.

Please for the love of all that is holy and what is left of my sanity, fix this.

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Apr 8, 2022

    Cool idea, Jennie! Thanks for sharing!