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Status Implemented
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 16, 2020

Allow administrators to administer Glip teams

Super admins for RingCentral accounts can't change any Glip team settings unless they created the team or the creator makes them an admin of the team concerned. They cannot view a list of existing teams.

Add a fully functional Glip admin screen

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Chirag Shukla
    Aug 17, 2021

    Becky, this is very good news. We'll be happy to test it out and report any issues we see like Joe Cache found. The update will allow us to implore better governance of RC Teams. Thank you. I appreciate your working on this feature!

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Aug 16, 2021

    Found a bug...

    For some reason, one of our teams had -0- people in it... don't ask me how.

    Clicking on the icon and viewing the team went fine, clicking over to the Admin side - fine. Clicking on 'Delete Team' - gave an immediate white screen for all RC windows, and basically made it 'frozen'.

    Ended the RC task and on relaunch the team was still there.

    Added myself to the blank team, and then was able to delete it.

    Still odd that it would have zero users in the first place... but something to look out for!


    And thanks - good jorb!

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Aug 16, 2021

    Hey, folks! We've confirmed this has been implemented. Please see the below KB article for details.

  • Paul Dobbs
    May 10, 2021

    This is a significant issue that needs attention as well. We are a new company to RC, and we need to be able to manage these teams from a Super Admin account. To be completely blind to them and unable to manage them is a huge shortfall.

  • Chirag Shukla
    May 10, 2021

    I mentioned on that:

    RC Teams administration is an absolutely nightmare due to limited/immature administrative features in RC Teams. I'd highly recommend you have clear and enforceable policies to govern RC Teams.

    If I create a Team and mark it private, you - as an administration - can do nothing to take over the administration. I have to cooperate in order for you to join the Team and take control. If I leave, you would have to convince a Team member to copy/paste data from the Team and store it in a Word file or such for archival purposes and then ask members to join a different group controlled by you. Members may choose not to leave that group.

    In our organization, we have a policy and manual audit to ensure that RC Teams are created by authorized individuals only.

    RC should definitely implement a reasonable system for administrators to improve governance.

  • Stephen Berger
    Dec 18, 2020

    My company is currently using both RingCentral messages and Slack. As such, we are evaluating both platforms to determine which should become our single messaging platform. RingCentral Messages was selected as our choice based on the fact that we are already paying for it through our use of RingCentral telephony. The lack of the ability to search for private teams, to have a pick list of available teams (public or private. you have to know part of the team name in advance and then need the team to be public or to know who is admin of the team to get added), and this issue where super admins can't actually administer the teams may reverse this decision

  • Guest
    Dec 11, 2020

    We apparently have 431 teams. I have no idea what they are and I'm the super admin for the entire RingCentral platform.


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