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Status Under review
Created by Noelle Dizon
Created on Apr 19, 2022

RingCentral app is not showing Company Name as Caller ID when doing outbound call to a mobile phone

It would be great if the Company Name will show as the Caller ID when dialing a mobile phone number.

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Apr 19, 2022

    This may already be there for you Noelle - in the Users area, under Outbound Calls - check the Mobile, and Alternate outbound CID. (see image)

    Normally the Alternate will be blank unless changed, and the Mobile may/may not be entered.

    The Alternate is named poorly - it's the number in the dialpad on the RC webapp - that little pull-down arrow that allows you to choose which outgoing phone number to use. (which should really be an admin switch in my opinion to allow)

    Hope that helps.