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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Paul Dobbs
Created on Apr 20, 2022

Option to Disable Notification for a single Co-Recipient

Make it possible, on a person by person basis, to DISABLE sending e-mail notifications to people that are Co-Recipients to an extension.

Without this, the only way a person can stop notifications from the shared extension is for them to disable notifications on their own account. But if they do that, they also lose all e-mail notifications for their own extension.


Message-Only box (ext 3001)

Notifications (e-mail) is Enabled for the extension.

Notifications are being sent to

Three staff are attached as Co-Recipients of that extension. This enables all three of them to access, listen, manage/delete messages that have come in to that Message-Only box.

Staff 1 (ext 401) has e-mail notifications turned on for Voicemail messages. When a voicemail is left at ext 3001, Staff 1 gets an e-mail to tell them they are receiving a copy of the voicemail because they are a Co-Recipient on the box.

Staff 1 also gets e-mails if someone has left a voicemail for their own direct extension number.

Staff 2 and Staff 3 do not have e-mail notifications turned on for their own accounts. They see no notice come in for either the shared Message-Only box, or for their own extension if someone left them a voicemail directly.

Staff 1 wants to get notices about their extension (401), but does not want notices for the Message-Only extension (3001). But there is no way to turn off notices for a specific co-recipient.