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Status Under review
Created by Andrew Bono
Created on Apr 21, 2022

Additional searchable name fields

Our employees change names (divorce, marriage) and it's important to be able to perform coherent user audits and also for names to be searchable. The display name, in many cases, is the user's face to the world - and frequently that means that a married name needs to be completely removed in the event of a divorce, and often, married staff want to use only their spouses surname - forcing them to include a name they do not want shown is unnecessary friction, so there should be another place where names can be associated with the user account, with the following criteria:

  1. Field does not display as part of the user name in messages (to accommodate users who wish to be rid of their original surname)… it would not be prominent in lists of contacts.

  2. Field is not an all-purpose or “comment” field – these tend to be shapeless throw-aways

  3. Field is included in name searches (example: user has been modified from John Jones to John Hernandez; other users searching for Jones should see John Hernandez in their search results.

  4. Field is included by default in user audit reports (to ensure cross-referencing with other iterations of user’s name).

  5. Field cannot be modified by non-administrative users