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Created by Vince Vales Jr
Created on Apr 25, 2022

Direct hotline for Developer Team (API)

It would be better if RingCentral has a developer hotline, a front facing developer team (API) aside from the integration team. Customers would appreciate full customer service like with other products where folks can call in to support.

  • Admin
    Byrne Reese
    Apr 28, 2022

    Thank you so much for this idea! As it turns out RingCentral has a dedicated developer support team. While the team cannot be called directly on the phone, developer support requests can be handled in one of two ways:

    1. Submit a question in our Developer Support community. We have a number of Developer Advocates and support personnel who monitor questions here and respond. Product Managers as well spend time in the forums looking for ways to improve our documentation and help developers.

    2. Submit a help ticket request. Search for your question first, and if you can't find an answer click the link to submit a help ticket.

    The team that monitors help tickets follows a very conventional support process with various tiers of support. We try to answer questions within 48 hours. Response times vary depending upon the complexity of the request.