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Status Under review
Created by Safuvan Kooliyat
Created on Apr 25, 2022

Email Notification for all Incidences (Service Down)

If any service going down need to get an email notification on who all enabled it, whether the impact is less or high. I have contacted RingCentral for the solution, they said if the impact is less (less than 1 hr) they will not send a notification, logically it is not the correct approach, We cannot predict the impact and how far it will affect our environment, So whenever the service going down should get the email notification. Please let me know is there any possibilities.


Your status page really needs an upgrade.

There's been widespread service disruption the last couple days. Yesterday was lit up like a Christmas tree. But I went back today, and it's all green with no information, and our support tickets were basically just...
Chris Rosa about 1 year ago in  3 Under review

System Status Page

There have been a few occurrences where there has been a system outage (voicemail to email notifications for this particular example) where there was no confirmation that services had been interrupted, that there was a resolution being worked on o...
Harrison Beall over 1 year ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 Under review