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Status Under review
Created by Heather Zickefoose
Created on Apr 29, 2022

Facilitate creating task to call numbers on recurring basis

I am a chronic care nurse and I call the same people every month. Is there or could there be a way for me to plug the patient's name, phone number, chart #, and time of call in a task? I would like to use the task section to build my patient list for the month so that I don't have to use a paper weekly/ monthly planner. Maybe high light the phone number and RingCentral can dial the call?

I bill for my service as a chronic care nurse so once I build my panel for the month I can make each task re-occurring in a calendar. I would then be able to go in my calendar and make a comment or place a colored dot to try to call them back later because they did not answer. This would show up on my task calendar.