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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Video
Created by Laura Tuff
Created on Apr 29, 2022

View list of scheduled meetings WITHOUT connecting to third party calendar

For those of us who use a different calendar (e.g., iCal) or those who don't want to connect third party services, it seems really silly that you can't see your list of scheduled meetings by default.

Not being able to see scheduled meetings without a calendar connection makes it tricky to find the meeting in order to launch said meeting... unless you have saved a copy of the invite somewhere when you first create the scheduled event (I assume?)

Also tricky to make any changes to that scheduled meeting... I don't understand how this isn't already a feature!

  • Matthew B
    Aug 10, 2023

    I can't believe we actually have to request this as a "feature". Seriously, this is the most insane anti-feature I have seen in recent history. It's like RingCentral intentionally decided to cripple a MAIN feature of this app (video meetings).

    Why in the name of all mankind would you not allow simply viewing a list of upcoming meetings without connecting to third-party services? Not only is that just plain CRAZY. But I agree with this suggestion's original poster... what if we don't want to connect a third-party app and expose our private information?

    Honestly. It's like you are trying to drive away most people who quickly try your app for the first time as an alternative to the bohemeth Zoom. It's very easy to not realize we are REQUIRED to connect to Google or Microsoft. "Pro tip: Connect your calendarConnecting to your calendar allows you to see all your video meetings and join them with a single click from this page."

    This exactly what happened to me when I tried this app 3 months ago. I scheduled a new meeting, and nothing showed up in upcoming meetings. Tried again, nothing. Said, "How ridiculous is this? What a waste of time..." and went back to Zoom.

    This time, I actually decided to dig into what the heck was wrong, so I chatted with customer support, and found out this ridiculous situation.

    Seriously RingCentral... I would love to hear this craziness is justified.

  • Brian Ginter
    Feb 3, 2023

    RC already provides a calendar via Workspace, why should an external calendar be required to see scheduled meetings? This is just plain silly. Please provide a way in RC for users to see and modify scheduled meetings.

  • Patrick Brander
    Jun 15, 2022

    This should be a feature, it is included in your competitor's toolbox already.