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Status Under review
Created by Cote_Business Systems
Created on May 2, 2022

RC App Connected Contacts to include All Contacts folders

Now that we are trying to move fully to only the RC App on all devices including Mobile, Web, and desktops, all our Contacts are in a Microsoft account - so we use the "Connect to Microsoft" setting in the RC app, BUT it is only connecting to contacts in our Microsoft Contacts Default folder, not any of our other Contacts folders.

We manage several Contacts folders to enable finding/browsing them easier on all our devices (mobile/tablet/computers) and also for sharing only specific contacts with other users. The RC App is not allowing us to connect to these other non-default folders of Contacts.

We have one workaround on the desktop app, which is to reinstall the old RC Phone App on windows desktop to regain accessing all our multiple folders of Contacts.

Can the RC App be upgraded to support "Connecting to All Contact folders" In Microsoft accounts there can be multiple root-level contact folders, and there can also be multiple subfolder-level contact folders. We need support of connecting to all of these so that we can properly communicate with "ALL" our contacts, not just the ones in the default folder.

This applies to all versions of the RCapp (web, desktop, mobile)

  • Sam Marashi
    Mar 1, 2023

    Seems silly as you can do this on RC Phone and the RC app on iOS.