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Status Under review
Created by Ted Tsuji
Created on May 6, 2022

Call Queue and Transferring calls to multiple companies.

My company transfers our calls to different partners, let's say in this case Company 1 and Company 2. I want to be able to call ONE RC number and yoru system decides what company the call would be transferred to based on rules and parameters I set within Company 1 and Company 2. Examples of the rules or parameters would be Hours of Operations, State the company works in, amount of leads I want to send this specific copmany (ie. 1 leads per hour or 10 leads per day, 100 leads per month). Company 1 and Company 2 SHOULD be able to have the same rules and parameters. If they do and the lead checks off all the rules, it should simply round robin the lead. Your competitor, Kall8, has this feature I used for many years and it was a great way for my agents to be able to just call ONE number to transfer a lead without having to choose which company to transfer to.

I'm more than happy to walk this through with anyone to help build this out. This is a basic call queue and transfer flow that you guys should adopt.