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Add numbers from tables/excel to mass text,

I have phone numbers in tables/excel and I need to send text messages easely, not copy pasting each other to your app also if we can send it to more that 100 recipients.

  • Guest
  • Nov 18 2020
Product Line RingCentral App
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  • Lance Gentry commented
    1 Apr 09:15pm

    Yes, there is a sore need for this. I like RingCentral, but may move to Textbetter if this is not implemented soon. This can be very simply done along with allowing us to slightly customize our text message (such as including the recipient's name). Here are two simple ways we could do this.

    One, allow us to cut and paste a bunch of phone numbers at once to the RingCentral app for texting. Right now we have to cut and paste one number at a time, and I just did over 300 of them on one day. That's asking for carpal tunnel syndrome and there is no good reason for this.

    Two, allow us to upload a spreadsheet or .csv file with two fields. The first field would be the phone number and the second field would be the text message. That would easily allow us to use our own software to customize each message, and then upload it to RingCentral for texting. This would be my number one request and I would then be very motivated to encourage other people to switch to RingCentral as well.

    Both of these upgrades should be simple to implement, and would make a huge difference for those of us who use texting to communicate professionally.