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Status Under review
Created by Manfred Horsch
Created on May 16, 2022

Group call pick up settings for the selective ringing

It is very cumbersome to adjust the settings for the selective ringing.

Today you have to click on

  1. Phone

  2. Group call pick up

  3. Open popout

  4. Group call pick up

  5. then click on the bell

  6. only there you can switch the ringing on or off

There should be a switch in the first window (Group call pick up) to switch the function on or off without having to open the popout first.

  • Manfred Horsch
    May 16, 2022

    It would also be useful to have a separate setting for the ringtone so that the user can, for example, only set a simple beep when the group call pickup is signalled.