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Status Under review
Created by Carl Sopchak
Created on May 20, 2022

Ability to disable single-character formatting

Ring Central Message automatically uses characters such as * and _ as a pseudo-commands to format the characters inbetween them. It also allows the (now standard) use for control characters (ctrl-b, ctrl-u, ctrl-i) for formatting. Further, the formatting is not shown prior to sending the message, and worse, there is no limit (that I have come across) as to how far apart these characters are in a message.

My idea is to have an option to turn off the use of printable characters as formatting commands.

Use cases:

  • Copy/pasting a mathematical formula with multiplication. The * is not intended, nor should be interpreted as a formatting command.

  • Copy/pasting code with any of these characters (such as that with /* comments */ or underscores in variable names. Again, the characters are not intended to be formatting commands. (My primary use case.)

  • Anyone used to a modern text editor that uses the standard control characters to indicate formatting that have any reason to use these printable characters in a message.

The fact of the matter is, the software is assuming what the user wants, instead of letting the user decide how the text should be formatted. You probably know what happens when you assume...