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Status Under review
Created by Alastair Fraser-Mitchell
Created on May 24, 2022

Web portal call log should include 'Presence' activities

Idea / suggestion

According to RC support, the web portal does not keep / display any information regarding the call flow / path when the 'presence' features are used to pass a call between extensions or pickup one extension from another.

This leads to incomplete call information and makes the 'call log' rather pointless since you have to ring up RC support to get a complete picture.

The 'call log' report in the administration web portal needs to show EVERY step in a call's flow - no matter how they are initiated or what system they use.


In our company we have one phone / extension set up as our switchboard and all users in the company can potentially pick up that extension if a call comes in. One or more users are detailed each day to enable the setting to allow calls coming into the he switchboard to ring the nominated user(s) extension.

Example of problem

A call came into the switchboard and it was lost after two extensions tried to pick up the call. I went to the RC web online portal to investigate and naturally went straight to the 'Call log' feature.

What I found was very confusing since the call log only seems to hold the start and end of the call's activity.

After discussions with RC support it turned out the the 'Call log' does not display any information regarding any activity involving the 'presence' feature and therefore the call I was looking at consisted of an additional 6 steps and involved another extension not shown on the 'call log'


Giving a complete view of a call's flow / path would enable company admins to become much more self-sufficient in reviewing call activity.