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Created by Beyond Wireless Head Office
Created on May 24, 2022

Ring Central error codes need to be redone.

The error codes present by the Ring Central admin panel are worthless. An error messages purpose is to tell the user that A) Something has gone wrong, and B) What that something is, and directions to resolving that issue.

In the phone # Transfer automated system, on step #1, it shows an error stating that the number you're trying to transfer is in a different rate center than the billing telephone number. At no stage does it tell you what a rate center or billing telephone number actually are. The little ? beside the Billing Telephone Number gives you no useful information at all.

I understand that if you're in the phone industry, these terms will be inate knowledge to you, but if you're not they're very likely entirely foreign. It is poor form to provide errors that mean nothing, and FAQ's/? details that provide no actual detailed information.

Providing accurate and concise information should be priority number one for any company since you're wasting your own money staffing call centers to take calls that have no good reason to ever be made in the first place.

Error text as it is today:
Phone number belongs to a different rate center than that of the billing telephone number. It must be transferred on a different order.

Error text as it should be:
The phone number you're attempting to transfer belongs to a different Rate Center (Rate Center Definition), than that of the Billing Telephone Number (Billing Telephone Number definition). Please ensure you're using the proper Billing Telephone Number, if you're unsure please contact the Provider that your phone number is currently with for clarification.

Errors that tell you nothing only lead to increased costs for you, and your customers. There's no character limit on your website like there is on Twitter, don't act like there is with errors.