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Status Under review
Created by Brian Davidson
Created on May 25, 2022

Centralized Greeting Prompts & Hold Messages

I would like to propose a way to make uploaded greeting prompts and messages availble to admins. While we can push out hold music and greeting settings to users via templates, I would like to see admins have the ability to make custom greetings, audio while waiting, and hold music available to select universally.

Once a custom greeting or hold message is uploaded by an admin, it would be a selectable option when updated Queues, extensions, and user accounts. For instance when editing a Queue greeting, under the "custom" option we could select company-wide greetings.

If not possible, at least expand the template concept to Queues and Extensions.

  • Tyler Kooistra
    Oct 24, 2022

    This would be helpful, so the audio file doesn't need to be uploaded every time the hold music needs to be changed or when creating a new queue. Especially for different admins making changes so that all the files are stored centrally in one location.