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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Malissa Cadwallader
Created on May 31, 2022

Access all voicemail boxes from the App

I monitor and manage 4 voicemail boxes for my organization (my personal box, my department's Call Queue box, and two Message-Only Extension boxes). At the moment, to check those boxes for voicemails, I have to log into the app to check my personal voicemails, then I have to switch over to the website and login there to check the Call Queue voicemail and the Message-Only Extension voicemails - which are located in two different folders. It's a maddening nightmare that takes a ridiculous amount of time out of my work day. It is organizationally inefficient and poorly structured.

In addition, two other staff members help me monitor those voicemail boxes. As we respond to calls, we delete the voicemails out of the system so that we know they are completed. Any voicemail messages in the box indicate to us that the caller still needs a response.

I'd like to propose and request that when a staff member is authorized to view and/or manage a voicemail box, that the box automatically appears in the app under the personal voicemail. I should be able to log into ONE location and see all the voicemail boxes that I manage in ONE place. Our old phone service (ShoreTel) offered this functionality, and switching over to Ring Central has actually been a downgrade - so unfortunate.