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Status Under review
Created by .Jacob Durig
Created on Jun 7, 2022

Users - Department Groups (replacing User Groups?)

In theory could replace User Groups, or be added as a second option. The current User Groups experience lacks massively, but otherwise allows for functions that our organization specifically needs, particularly in continued management, and scalability.

Use Case: 40 employees in one department, with one department manager, and three team leads. The team leads AND department manager require call recording access to each member underneath them. This department is specific to one Site (we are multi-site), where we have other sites with a sister department and different manager/team leads for that site (for instance, Sales 1, Sales 2, etc). In order for me to provide the four elevated individuals access to the 40 users, that would be four separate User Groups (one for each elevated individual) that otherwise have to be established one at a time and do not synchronize with one another (meaning adding/removing a user must be done four separate times later).

Problems with User Groups at current:

- ONE manager per group of users (doesn't scale well with more than one manager for the same group of users)
- Manual, static user assignment (requiring User Groups role, not "per group" similar to Call Queue manager, meaning to allow management DIY maintenance of new/exiting users)
- Flat permissions (all user settings AND call recording)
- No ability to do batch tasks: delete multiple, upload template, etc

Suggestion: Department Groups

- Multiple managers possible (similar to Call Queue Management)
- Tiered access (example: Full Access, Call Recordings Only, User Settings Only, again like Call Queue Management)
- Dynamic AND ad hoc inclusion (dynamic lookup for "where Site = Y and Department = X, or just Department = X"), but allow an "also include" ad hoc user picker for those rare instances where functional manager doesn't align with Department or Site (site assuming multi-site is leveraged)
- Enables Department Group Management (once again mirroring Call Queue Management in UI experience) to pave the way for management DIY
- Grant the ability to batch tasks (batch delete, download/upload template)

With something like a more "Call Queue Management" UI experience to User Groups generally I believe would greatly increase the flexibility that it would provide.

In order to keep scalability in the current RingCentral admin options, managers/leads needing to pull call logs are simply given Company Call Log access. We now have concerns of broken trust with that model and need to shift to the "just enough access" model, and quickly.

I hope the references to Call Queue Management means we can re-use some of the same UI elements, and promote a speedy feature update.

Please let me know if we can be considered for a pilot test of this feature. We have 80 some use cases in our tenant.

Thank you for your time.

  • .Jacob Durig
    Jul 1, 2022

    I actually was testing today that User Group Manager when looking at the Call Log-- it starts with their personal calls. From there, is missing the ability to show "all calls for all users that I have permission to see"

    Minor complaint but a vastly different experience from "Company Call Log Access" role where the default behavior is to see ALL calls across the board.

  • Ryan Cosby
    Jun 9, 2022

    I was just needing Call Group Managers to have access to their Call Group Members call recordings but this seems like a better idea.