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Status Under review
Created by First Day Homecare
Created on Jun 8, 2022

Faxing to Contacts with Same Fax Number Go to Wrong Contact

As a home health provider, we do a lot of faxing to doctors. We have many doctors who work out of the same clinic, so they share the same fax #. If I send a fax to "Barry Bond MD" at fax # (810) 620-8113 from the RingCentral Desktop App, the fax cover letter will default to send the fax to the first alphabetical contact that shares the same fax number, instead of putting the contact name on the cover letter of the contact that I selected. So, our fax cover may address the fax to "Abby Apply MD" even though I selected to send it to contact Barry Bond MD, all because they share the same fax #. This is causing great difficulties in our office. Physicians are refusing to sign / return our orders, because we're seemingly addressing our faxes to the wrong doctors. We cannot do custom fax cover letters or email faxing, there were different issues with that as well. We need to use the auto-generated fax cover letters from the RingCentral desktop app. Please consider fixing this issue so that the name that prints on the fax cover letter is ALWAYS the RingCentral contact that was selected when sending the fax.