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Status Under review
Created by Scott VanDyken
Created on Jun 10, 2022

Control Calls Using a Desk Phone With the Desktop App

Currently, our office is set up so that when receiving or making a call, users can use either their desk phone or the RingCentral desktop app if their computer has a microphone. Most of our users prefer to use the desk phone, or need to due to not having a microphone with their computer, but find the desktop app's UI to be easier to understand and use than the desk phone's interface. It would be nice if it was possible to use the desktop app's interface to do things such as forward a call, put a caller on hold, and so on, while taking the call through a linked desk phone.
  • Roger Moore
    Jan 27, 2023

    We are moving from Mitel Connect to Ring Central. The Mitel Connect app had the ability to dial out from the app through the desk phone or playback voicemails from the app through the desk phone. If you needed to call someone back that you missed you could just click the phone icon in the app to dial the desk phone and make the call. Our computer setup doesn't have mics and speakers for users so 90% of my staff is now losing this ability. :( We really need this feature within the RC app to work like the Mitel Connect app does. You can see in the attached screen shot that users had the ability to click to either use their speakers or the phone with the app.

  • Shari Hayner
    Aug 25, 2022

    We are in a very busy dispatch office with multiple calls ringing similtanious to a group of 6 users. We tried call queue but it didnt support call waiting so we were unable to multitask so we moved back to a ring group so we could see every inbound call. Here is the issue the physical phone now works to show all inbound caller ids as I am on a call but the Desktop App does not. We really need the desktop app to preform equally and at the same time the physical phone does. I agree the desktop app needs to be enhanced to interface to do these things

  • Giovanni Gomez
    Jul 15, 2022

    I am not even sure how this is not already a feature! This is would be incredibly useful.

  • Leah Jansen
    Jul 11, 2022

    This would be incredibly helpful! We are live receptionist answer and it would make life so much easier if the desktop phone and the app were more compatible.