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Status Under review
Created by Jonathan M Farley
Created on Jun 13, 2022

Hunt Group In Lieu of Ringing Group

A "hunt group" works very similar to a "ringing group". A Hunt Group feature defines the call coverage of an extension, which can include multiple steps including a group of extensions that ring simultaneously or individually, and voicemail. Hunt Groups can be shared among one or a number of extension that share the same call coverage.

In lieu of configuring within each individual user profile a list of extensions that are grouped into a ringing group and designated to answers calls when not answered by the principle extension, which is likely similar across multiple extensions within a department, allow destinations like a hunt group or call queue as part of a stations call coverage configuration.

When dealing with multiple extensions within the same department it is very monotonous to add the identical coverage destination within multiple users call handling rules, especially since it now takes multiple steps to add just one destination.

  • Jeremy Stedman
    Dec 2, 2022

    Agreed. This would be an EXTREMELY useful feature. Our company has does on call. We would like to be able to have someone leave a VM on an emergency voicemail. Then the system tries one person. If they do not answer. It waits 5 mins. If the voicemail is still unread it tries the next person. So on.

  • Chris Hudlet
    Aug 2, 2022

    A "hunt group" also allows timing/scheduling of a call queue plus the ability for users to take and handle multiple calls like a receptionist would.