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Status Under review
Created by Damijan Kozic
Created on Jun 17, 2022

Type code block messages directly, not just via "New code snippet" modal

All the popular apps for IT firms have the possibility to type code blocks (snippets) directly into the input field, with tripple back-tick delimiters and optional code language spec.

Example 1, without code spec, should only be formatted as monospace and maybe try to autodetect code language.

It turns out this editor for ideas HAS the tripple backtick functionality so I can not type it here, LOL... i'm gonna improvise

` ` `
testing the
play field
` ` `

should result in

1 | testing the
2 | play field

Example 2, with code language spec for code highlighting, like you already do for snippets.

` ` ` php
$x = new MyClass();
` ` `

results in something like (random highlight colors here should do it like for PHP snippets)

1 | $x = new MyClass();