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Status Under review
Created by Pushpinder Puri
Created on Jun 17, 2022


Ring Central is better product just have to create a feature and that feature will do the need full as above company product does it nicely.

Call 4 numbers and one person answers, the system disconnect the other 3 calls. - (kixie )

Now, What Ring central can do better. since its native intigiration with zoho crm. we select multi leads to call 4 or more at a time. Lets say 3 office staff is calling the leads. now system called 4 leads and one of lead answered the call. now either auto leave voicemail upon voice mail prompt or if someone else answer the phone while the first person is talking to the 1st lead Transfer the 2nd call to available to another operator available.

to disscus in detail about the, I can be reached at 416 910 6400.