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Status Under review
Created by Elton Lockhart
Created on Jun 20, 2022

Delegated Line reporting needs improvement

We have recently migrated from a Call Queue to a Delegated Line configuration for our Customer Service team. The change came with some great improvements to call handling, but has shown a significant flaw... no reporting of call activity in Analytics.

The Problem

A week after activating the Delegated Line our business owner asked a simple question, "over the last 7 days who has been answering the Customer Service calls?"

Simple question, but there is no answer!

Accessing Avaya Cloud Analytics showed two issues, delegated line calls are not included in any of the standard call and performance reports. In fact, the Inbound call totals exclude any calls answered on the Delegated Line. (that seems like a bug!)

The only way to find Delegated Call activity is via the Quality of Service reporting page.

The only way to find out who is answering the Delegated Line is via the Device ID detail in that report. To do so involves matching the MAC address to the user phone assignments, achievable for my 20 users, but not so for more users or frequent phone assignment changes.

Delegated Line reporting needs a review and improvements made.

Please fix this oversight.