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Status Under review
Created by Alex Conforti
Created on Jun 23, 2022

Setting to allow Dial Pad to remain on top of other open screens.

I run multiple screens with multiple applications running. When the Dial Pad is hidden under other screens, it is too clumsy to have to navigate back to the Ring Central app and open it back up.

  • Tara McConnell CVAM CII
    Jul 14, 2022

    I also run multiple screens with multiple applications on each running. 90% of my phone calls are initiated by me, which means I have to go to the RC app on my task bar to pull it to the front...due to the nature of my job I, currently, am constantly having to move my RC app out of the way of screens in order to view all information needed, then have to go back to the app to pull up the dial pad to call out, and only THEN can I minimize the app and keep the dial pad open (most calls are to companies w/ automated systems so I have to be able to access the dial pad once the call is initiated as well). It would be immensely beneficial to my entire department if the dial pad had a pop-out window option that doesn't close when you end a call.