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Status Under review
Created by Heidi Huebner
Created on Jun 25, 2022

Play Call Recording Announcement for Outbound Calls

Being a healthcare facility and having to adhere to HIPAA guidelines, we were excited to see RC have an option to automatically announce calls were being recorded when we call our patients, however, this is causing huge issues as when we dial out to an external number, we on our end hear our recording that states the call is being recorded and if we wish to not be on a recorded line to hang up. While that is playing the patient we called has already answered the phone and is talking. So now we have the recording playing over the patient at the exact same time. Also, when the recording is playing, we are muted so the patient cannot hear us until the recording has finished. Patients are hanging up, because they are saying "hello. hello" and they cant hear us answer. Seems like bad programming. good option, bad implementation