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Status Under review
Created by Martin Alcala
Created on Jul 1, 2022

DELETE (ON ALL INCOMING) - Prompt me to press 1 before connecting the call

There is no option to remove the "press 1 to answer" for Non-Ringcentral numbers. This feature can only be turned off when calls are forwarded to the app or deskphone. Please it would be useful to have a general toggle button to have an option to remove "Press 1" for non-ringcentral numbers.

  • Adina Conroy
    Jan 27, 2023

    Not only is it annoying - AND DANGEROUS WHEN DRIVING because I can't just press one button I have to unock my phone, click the keypad icon so it opens, then press 1 - many times I click 1 several times and nothing happens and the caller hangs up. What AMAZES me is the REMAX admin submitted this request in July of 2022 and it is now almost February of 2023 and it's still under review. Not suprising I guess as I submitted a service request in January of 2022, never got a response, followed up in February of 2022 and never got a response. I've been with RingCentral for, I don't know, over 20 years. That's how much my account means to them.

  • Admin REMAXProfAssoc-Sturbridge Office
    Jul 26, 2022

    Our agents are often away from desks and out in their vehicles, and they find it VERY annoying to have to press 1 on their cell phones in order to get the incoming call.