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Status Under review
Created by Daniel Neuhoff
Created on Jul 5, 2022

Live Reports - filter calls with low duration

In performance reports there is an option to filter calls with a duration of e.g. <10s while in the Live Reports there is not.

When receiving multiple phantom calls like this there is no way to reasonably use the SLA feature in case such calls are missed, which usually is the case.

  • Keith Renison
    Jul 13, 2022

    Hey there! Have you looked at this setting documented in the user guide?

    Include abandoned calls

    This setting also includes the calls that the caller hung up before an agent could answer. This requires an additional setting to set “Abandoned Calls threshold”. Abandoned calls that are shorter than the defined period in seconds will not be included in calculation of Service Level. Zero value means that abandoned calls of any duration will be included into calculation. (page 16)